Mission and Initiatives

The Muriel Lake Basin Management Society was formed to address the seriously declining lake water level, water quality issues and decreased fish spawning habitat. The activities of this organization will be to increase awareness and understanding about the water issues at Muriel Lake, and to improve and maintain the state of the lake and its surrounding wetlands so that it may return to an ecologically healthy watershed. Developmental pressures from residents, recreational users, and the oil/gas industry have increased the need for understanding the interactions between infrastructure and lake conditions. The Muriel Lake Basin Management Society is committed to learning about these pressures and working with the relevant stakeholders to avoid, minimize, or mitigate their effects. Accordingly, there are three main activities this organization plans to undertake as follows:

Phase A

Investigation of the decline in Muriel Lake’s water level with the intention of identifying potential causes of the lake water loss so that together with Phase B, we will begin a long term process of restoring the lake to its historical levels.

Phase B

Efforts to remediate Muriel Lake’s water level decline through activities that would aid the lake in being restored to its historical water levels including restoration of natural inflows to the lake, and mitigation of lake water extraction and outflows from the lake.

Phase C

Management and monitoring of Muriel Lake’s water quality and quantity which would include identification of all water users to ensure long term environmental stability that can support the recreational use of the lake, industrial use, as well as the natural environment and local ecosystem.